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New ideas and new ways to do things for meeting societal challenges

The world is increasingly unstable and rapidly evolving.
We have to face large
systemic global challenges, which became more unpredictable and more interrelated. Today’s society is characterized by complexity.

Luckily there is the opportunity


Policy analysis to support evidence-based policies
Opening up European policies to expert’s communities


R&D projects on ICT for societal challenges and government
Management international
R&D projects


Stakeholders engagement in policies.
Collaborative workshops and events
Alliances and high profile international partnerships.

Let’s think out of the box together.


Open targets: Pre-competitive collaborative research in life sciences

Pujol Priego, Laia; Wareham, Jonathan Science is setting the direction of technological innovation in biomedical discovery. The sequencing of the human genome is recognized as...

Webinar – How to foster open source hardware for science and beyond: the White Rabbit project

On the 5th of December 2018, Javier Serrano (CERN) and the Open Science Monitor Consortium shared the lessons learnt from the White Rabbit case and discussed on how to foster...

High-Level Webinar: Open Targets – How Steps Towards Establishing a Data Commons Are Accelerating Drug Discoveries and Health Breakthroughs

On 5 July, Dr Ian Dunham, director of Open Targets, a large-scale consortium and platform created in 2015 to collaboratively establish the links between genetic targets and...

We work for national and international clients of different scale: from start-up companies or SMEs to public institutions.

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